NP Cancer

NP cancer Nasopharyngeal cancer is diagnosed in a person when some symptoms like swelling in the neck appears. The doctor will refer the case to the specialist for further assessment of disease. If you have any symptoms or signs that suggest there is any chance of NP cancer, you must consult the doctor as soon as possible and your doctor will check the complete medical history of yours to know is there is symptom that include your family history. In NP cancer testing doctor will more focus on neck and head area and also include mouth, nose, throat, lymph nodes and facial muscles.

What are the potential risk factors for NP cancer?

The potential risk factors could be anything that leads to affect anyone chance of getting cancer. There is different kind of cancer and different risk is associated with cancer. Factors like smoking can be changed but you can’t be able to change the family history of the patient. Having few or single risk factor doesn’t mean that you will get cancer but there are some risks that are unknown and people might affect with the disease. There are researches that shows that use of smoking and alcohol are directly contribute to NP cancer but the link of alcohol and smoking to throat cancer is low however. Some of the risk factors are listed below:
* Gender
* Genetic factors
* Specific diet
* Infection
* Ethnicity
* Family history
Smoking and excessive use of alcohol can lead to increase in the risk of getting cancer. It is important to know the chances of getting NP cancer is male is double as it is in female. In countries like US, the chances of getting NP cancer is quite rare so doctor will not recommend any kind of NP screening for the patient check the risk of getting disease. There are some countries in the world that do have a lot of cases of NP cancer. In countries like China, the doctor strongly recommends NP screen test to check the symptom of this disease. The doctor will check the blood samples as an evidence because EB virus is very common than NP cancer.

There are many regular NPC testing of patient neck, this approach is used in those families where NPC develop more often and family history suggests that there are chances of getting this cancer. However it is still unknown that either this strategy is going to lower the rate of death in patient. Sometime the NP cancer symptom can be found easily in patient and these patients must seek some medical attention to cure this. Some of the symptom might not be related to NP but might include other signs. But in many cases the NP cancer will not be detected unless it reached to advance stage. Some of the test that is recommended for checking and treatment of NP cancer is listed below:

* CT scan
* Chest X-ray
* MRI scan
* Imaging test
* PET scan
* Blood test

These are some vital test that one must do after the consultation with doctor.

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