Reasons To Use Paraben Free Lotions And Creams

One of the most abundant chemicals that are found in most of the pharmaceutical products and beauty products is paraben. It is used as a preservative. This increases the longevity of the products. Recent studies have pointed out that paraben is harmful for various reasons to the body. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, the use of any cream, lotion or moisturizer will have it’s effect spread to other organs. The use of paraben free lotions and creams are extremely important to ensure that maximum adversities and side effects are avoided.

The side effect of paraben in men includes testicular and male breast cancer. The breast cancer tumors collected from females have been tested to contain a part of paraben. The secretions from many glands are hampered due to its use on the skin. Lotions, creams or other forms of beauty products may contain paraben. Certain tests suggest that immune system of the body gets slowly weakened through the entrance of the chemical in to the body.

The growth mechanisms of children and under adults are also disrupted by the presence of paraben in the body. Although the main function of it is to preserve the products, the human skin starts to age prematurely by its application through lotions, creams and moisturizers. The appearance of age line, wrinkles, skin patches, warts and many others are also caused by this dangerous chemical.

The use of this chemical has been around for the past seventy years. As I said earlier, the main reason for which almost eighty-five percent of all the beauty products like creams, lotions, face washes, moisturizers and other products of the pharmaceutical industry have traces of paraben is to increase the longevity. This is why one must read the ingredient list of products before buying to ensure that the product is safe.

There can be various replacements to this harmful chemical in beauty products like potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and many others. These chemicals are not harmful to the skin and are therefore used by many beauty product companies. One can always check the customer reviews before buying such lotions and creams to be sure that is absolutely free of the harmful chemical.

Remember, you only get one body. Make sure you read the labels of all beauty products you are about too buy. If you see the product contains paraben, then replace it to the shelf and look for others that are all natural.

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