HCG Weight Loss – The Basic Diet

The HCG Diet kit comprises of the low calorie diet for the daily intake either in the food format or through injection and the diet was researched by the A.T.W. Simeons. The HCG diet consists of the limited calories of 500 per day. They have the prescribed food to eat and provide a chart. Liquid such as water, coffee, tea and lime juice can be taken daily with less consumption of sugar.

The fat free meat like crab, lobster, beef, and white fish when coming for the vegetables you can take cucumber, tomatoes, spinach and onions. The individual following the strict HCG diet would lose around 0.5 to 3 pounds per day. The disease like the blood pressure and diabetes are also reduced as they depend on the eating habits. The HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that hormone is responsible for the weight loss and weight gain factor. The diet kit must be taken with the guidance of the physician or the dietician otherwise it might lead to the side effects like restlessness, water retention and ovarian hyper stimulation that also cause hospitalization.

When the HCG is injected into the body it craves the hunger and the diet encourages you to eat the healthy food. It has been started as the reproductive disorders in women and it leads to the cancer and obesity diseases. So the HCG diet reduces the weight and the fat accumulation inside the body. The diet kit consists of many types so you can choose the method that suits you either the HCG hormone injections or the drops. The injections are taken only after consulting the doctor. If the injection is taken without consulting the doctor then it might cause blood clots and increase blood pressure in some people. The drops are safer than the HCG injections and the drops must be taken twenty minutes before taking the food. The drops are placed under the tongue for 30 seconds so they can avoid the hazardous effects caused by the injections. The HCG injections provide the negative effect where as the HCG drops do not have any side effects.

The HCG diet has the vitamin B12 that helps to convert the fat into energy quickly. They are not in the form of capsules because it must not have contact with the gastro enteric system and it must directly reach the blood stream. You can get the consultation and tips before starting your diet treatment with HCG.

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