The LHP team has been designing, creating, supporting and executing special events for a variety of clients that are garnering rave reviews for creativity, and for doing what none has tried before. We craft extraordinarily creative events that move, surprise and delight. From original and distinct events like a party on the beach to dinner parties at private homes featuring great chefs paired with some of Lanai’s great artists, here you’ll find a friendly kind of Aloha spirit and sense of place, as well as service with a smile promptly and cheerfully executed from highly trained local specialists.

We love to make your vision and dreams come true, whether it is a simple VIP dinner for ten in a unique location, a celebration of the Hawaiian culture or a wild, raging party that will long be remembered. Our various theme parties all start as an idea that is just an idea in someone’s mind that we think we can make happen.

Because we know your program isn’t just about a company trip to an exotic locale. It’s about rewarding participants for achieving organizational and personal goals. It’s about creating an experience no single individual or group could create on their own. And it’s about making that experience so special, the participants will remember it for the rest of their lives. LHP has the talent, expertise and connections to bring together all the right partners to work for our clients to create truly successful events.

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