Gardening made easy through knowledge

To help you navigate, here’s a brief description of what you will find on each page.  Click on any page title to go directly to it. 

Seasonal Garden ChoresTimely tips before, during and after the growing season.

Common Garden Diseases– Learn how diseases affect your plants and how to prevent them.

Garden soil – Learn easy steps to turn your soil into rich, fertile organic soil.

Plant in beds – Learn why raised beds provide better growing conditions than rows.

Raising Tomatoes – My methods teach you how to grow and protect your tomatoes from disease.

Growing vegetables – Learn how to grow vegtables like you see at the top of this page.

Children’s Garden – Grow the bond with your child through gardening.

Seed Starting – Learn how to start seed and what supplies you’ll need.

Flowers– Explains the differences of the 3 types of flowers and how to plan your garden.

USDA hardiness zones – Reference for ordering trees, shrubs or flowers for your area.

Landscaping & Decor – Ideas for planning and designing you outdoor living space.

Periodicals– Gardening magazines keep me updated with information throughout the year.

Health & Wellness– Us gardeners need to keep in shape to assure our gardening longevity.

A Gardener’s Prayer – Sums up how I feel while working in my Garden on a beautiful day!


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