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Claimants filing an Actos Lawsuit are requesting to have all their future and pending claims united in a multidistrict litigation and reassigned to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois.A motion was filed with the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, Glen and Nina Weant, plantiffs in the Actos lawsuit, asked that Judge G. Patrick Murphy be appointed to supervise the Actos Class Action lawsuit proceedings. An Actos Class Action is a group of attorneys that come together to seek a huge settlement that will be split between their clients.  Actos Class Actions may happen but most compensation will be settled through Actos Claims.

Actos Class Action is getting a running start

Over a dozen actos lawsuits have been filed against Takeda Pharmaceuticals because of the negligence they showed when they chose to not sufficiently warn patients and physicians about the dangers of Actos bladder cancer for people taking Actos long term.Mr. Dabiere started treating his type two diabetes with Actos back in 2006.He was diagnosed with Actos bladder cancer, an Actos side effect, in September 2010.Parker Waichman Alonso has filed an Actos Class Action on behalf of Mr. Debiere in a U.S. District court located in New York.

Other Actos Class Action’s  along with these have been filed in a Northen District of Ohio, Central District of California, Western District of New York, and a District in New Jersey.This JPML has scheduled to meet in Savannah, Georgia on December 1st, for a hearing on the possible consolidation.

Actos Class Action: What we can do to help

Germany and France have suspended the sales of Actos and this was active as of July 11th 2011.  Europe ran a study and the results showed that there was an increased risk of bladder cancer for those taking Actos long term. Thousands of patients will need to consult with their physicians to discuss the possibilities of actos side effects and switch to a new medication. .

An Actos class action requires clients to take whatever is given as a result of an class action suit.  These groups of attorneys get together and get a sum of money that is then disbursed to all the clients.  This process is not l used often and Actos class action restricts the possibilities for Clients.   Most people will file a Actos Claim instead of an Actos Class Action.

If you or a loved one has suffered from Actos Side effects, fill out the claim evaluation form and consult with a professional.Our Actos attorneys will help you file your Actos class-action or Actos claims and get the compensation you deserve.  Our Actos Class Action attorneys specialize in large drug company lawsuits and can help you with your Actos Class Action and Actos Claims.

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