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Other Services

Pharmalytic Limited

We take a pragmatic approach to regulatory compliance and
customer need.

We ensure that we identify and comply with our customerВ’s
documented procedures prior to the commencement of any project regarding confidentiality,
technical agreements, report frequency, invoicing address etc.

We are also able to react quickly and effectively to urgent
requirements such as a sudden reduction in internal resource or breakdown of service from
another contractor.

We ensure you get the analytical data without compromising the
documentary procedures.

Our approach is fully flexible. We are not constrained by
standard reporting formats. We will meet your specific requirements unequivocally with the
willingness and flexibility that underpins all our operations.

As our reputation, experience and quality of
service is increasingly being used as a benchmark for contract analysis, we are
continually being approached by existing customers and companies who have not used our
services before to act as a sounding board.

You may have a problem or issue and do not know where to start or you have drawn
up a plan of action and want to bounce it off an impartial party before implementation, we
can offer a confidential, frank opinion regarding the way forward.

If you need advice, a sympathetic ear or a no-nonsense appraisal or your plan of
action please get in touch.

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