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Renew My Healthcare wants to encourage you to be the reason that you live a better quality life. The time is now. This is the time to take control of your health. Stop relying on your employer or an insurance company or anyone else to get you to a better place. If you want something to happen just act. Make an effort and improve. Use your resources which includes your primary care doctor.

Empowering Better Health

You are in control of your wellness. Do not think that your health is the responsibility of someone else. It is up to you. The choices you make impact your health. If we spent as much time and resources on our own wellness as we do worrying about purchasing insurance and listening to the latest “quick fix” we would be the healthiest generation in history. Instead we avoid our primary care doctors, eat poorly, procrastinate exercise and then blame someone else or expect modern medicine to heal us. Your lifestyle is your health. You truly reap what you sow. There is no quick fix, only hard work and dedication.

Your primary care doctor is trained to keep you well. They specialize in prevention and early treatments. Seeing them regularly makes sense. The choice to have a good relationship with a primary care doctor is very wise. The quality and availability of primary care is the proven factor that controls medical costs. The better the primary care the lower the medical costs. The choice to find a primary care physician is very important.

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