Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Receive Help Here.

Chemical Dependency (CD) problem is epdemic, Our country is moving deeper
and deeper
an addictive chemical culture. CD problems drastically affect industry,
families, addicts,
youth, and the counseling profession. Alcohol abuse is now associated
as a cause of the former.
CD problems are costing America an estimated $175 billion per year. Moreover,
the cost in human
suffering is immeasureable. I’M ASKING YOU TO CHANGE THIS! Obviously,
the task which we
undertake is immense. I am asking you to make a difference for our generation
and generations
to come. The Quest that we take on is comparable to the Quest that other
dedicated persons
have undertaken throughout history. We CAN make a difference.

Quest is an organization of volunteer laymen dedicated to becoming pioneers
in the
area of chemical dependence. Our task is not only immense but vital to
American. We must be
made of “Stern Stuff” in order to combat the problem. We are
the Salks, the Edisons, the Curies
of the 90’s. We must be up to the task. This is why I’m asking each and
every one of us to
choose to be successful. This will involve dedication and commitment.
is our motto. Nothing is more important that our commitment to FQ. Join
Me in our QUEST.
We can and will make this happend. Let’s be a movement that makes the

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